1954 – Senior Boys Rugby Team

1954 Senior Boy's Rugby Team

1954 Senior Boy’s Rugby Team

Left to right (top):
Cliff Wylie, Rodger Johnson, Neil McNabb, Lawrence Hi-wo, Unknown, Unknown, Ken Craig, Jim Baldwin, Jock Osler, Gilbert Solner, Karl Zorn, Fred Korbey, Jim Bond, Jack Finlay

Left to right (bottom):
Claude Halpin, Daniel Edwards, Jim Harrington, Archie Currie, Bill Marshall, Dave Levescontie, Ken Mossfield, Gerard Webster

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  1. Our 1954 Football team had tremendous team spirit and was very well coached. We won a few games, and travelled out of the city to play on a few occasions. We practiced hard every afternoon, following classes, and became a team that had fun and high respect for each other.

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