Crescit Eundo – by Grant Paterson

A poem for the 100th Anniversary Celebrations of Crescent Heights High School
Written and read by Grant Paterson
North Hill Curling Club, Calgary, 16 May 2015

Friendi, Romani, Calgariani, lendibus earibus,
CHHS celebratius centennial yearibus.
“Crescit Eundo” motto schoolorum,
“We grow as we go.” Ain’t no bull-orum.
Crescent Heights est 100 years old-ibus.
Alumni et gradui est looking quite mould-ibus.
Welcomus folksibus to anniversaria.
Non understandibus—do not despairia.
Speechibus shortibus I promise to keepia,
Preventius audience falling asleepia.
My name-ibus Grantibus, host-us nocturni,
Alumnus class MCMLXXIII,
(1973 in numeralis Arabicus,
If numeralis Romanus you didn’t quite grabicus.)
But each of you has your own graduate yearibus,
And each of you holds Crescent Heights near and dearibus.
Principal firstibus Bill Aberhartibus,
He gavibus schoolibus such a good startibus,
Then every yearibus played its own partibus.
Academia, sportia, fine-ibus artibus.
Bandibus, debaticus, Crescent Cowboysium,
Mathibus, scientia, cheerleaders made noiseum.
Musicus, Dramabus, chess club-ibusorum,
Germanicus, Frenchibus, Latin much borum.
Boysibus et girlsibus enter schoolorum,
After three yearsibus we’re outta da dorum,
Learned-ibus, wise-ibus, maxima proude,
Parchments held highibus, magna cum laude,
From there we went on to take the worldus by storum,
What might we have done if we’d just studied-morum.
So congratulati Crescent on one hundred yearsibus,
It’s great to see so many graduates heres-ibus.
Welcomus home-ibus, most honoured guest-orum,
Enjoyibus party—live like-ibus no tomorrum.

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