CHHS100 – Guest Book Listing

curt Ansell (Palmer) Class of 1960

Left before graduation to join the RCAF. Changed my name from Wayne Palmer to Curt Ansell in 1974. Still friends with Gern Sabourin, Helen Horn, Gordon Oaks and Lorraine Hartry.

Verne Lunan Class of 1962

Looking forward to the 100th Anniversary. My wife and I are coming from Nova Scotia for it.
I look forward to renewing some old friendships.

Randall O’Connor Class of 1979

35 years later, I am teaching with the CBE. I am happily married. I am looking forward to attending the 100th Anniversary.

Jean Blackstock (Blackstock) Class of 1975

I am still living in Calgary most of the time. Hope to see lots of 1975 People at the Big Reunion.

Sharon Butler (Taylor) Class of 1965

Graduated in 65(50th anniversary) and now looking forward to attending the 100th. Hope to meet up with fellow Erickson singers, and those in the school operettas of 64 and 65. After graduation, joined the navy and have lived in Nova Scotia ever since.

Lorne Fleming (Fleming) Class of 1952

I was able to assist with the last reunion when the Queen was expected to attend (but was unable) and look forward to help again [if needed] and look forward to meet with old school chums like last time.

Pat Murphy Class of 1958

Both myself and my brother Bob will be attending, hoping to see some old friends and catching up on 50 years of history.The last reunion was a blast.

Robert (Bob) Urquhart Class of 1944

Proud member of the Class of 1944. Anyone out there who can beat that?

Andrew Vela Class of 2010

Recipient of the 2010 Crescent Heights Alumni Scholarship. Following my time at Crescent Heights, I graduated from the University of Alberta in 2014 with a Bachelor of Education. I am currently working in the field of Adult Education providing academic upgrading and career development instruction/coaching to disadvantaged and marginalized populations. The generosity displayed by the Alumni & Friends of Crescent Heights High School provided a huge support to me as I began my post secondary education, and is a testament to the values that are fostered within the walls of Crescent Heights High School.

Jim Ashwood Class of 1973

The best graduating class Crescent has ever seen

Judith Dutton (Hurrell) Class of 1964

Looking forward to seeing people from the mid-60s graduating years and in particular, those who were involved with the Erickson Singers, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club and the Operettas. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail ( or on Facebook.

Arnie & Valerie Linder (Thomson) Class of 1965

Looking forward to seeing old friends.Living on Vancouver Island (Campbell River) for the last 39 years.

Cheryl Johnson (Ruggles) Class of 1985

Proud graduate of CHHS! Currently, happily married for almost 20 years and I work for Alberta Health Services as Unit Clerk. 🙂

Laurie Holt (Wilcox) Class of 1962

Hi! I would like you to know that at 70 years old, i have slowed down. I became a nurse and devoted my energies to being a mental health therapist, The best career ever: except for being a wife of 47 years, a mother of 3 and a nana of 4. Hoping to see my sorority friends of Chi Beta Rho, cheerleaders, and lots of our fun friends

Holly-Jean Kadonaga (Sharman) Class of 1964

Great years of singing with the Mixed chorus, Glee Club, Operettas. Looking forward to meeting good old friends and talking about the trip to Vancouver, time sent with the Erickson singers, and on the Stampede stage.

Laurel Ambrose (Needham) Class of 1978

Spent 39 years in Calgary and now live in not-so-hustling-and-bustling Canmore, enjoying the mountaineering lifestyle after the kids grew up and left home – taking on busy lives as a fashion designer and chef. I never did pursue that career in visual arts, or go to ACAD, as my terrific art teacher Ms. Roche had encouraged me to do, but my creativity manifests in the written word, and I’ve enjoyed some great career times in communications roles. Focusing more now on quality of life as opposed to quantity in life, I’ve stopped climbing corporate ladders and replaced them with ropes and ice axes and rocky slopes. I have some tremendous memories of Crescent, and look forward to attending the 100th Anniversary. Wow!

Daniel Frederick Class of 1951

Memories of my time at Crescent are still vivid and among my happiest even after60 plus years. Now retired and living in Central B.C.

Shelley Klumpp (Klumpp) Class of 1986

My Mom, three older brothers and older sister also went there (and 2 cousins)

Lori Wanjoe (Wanjoe) Class of 1976

Was a great school for me. Many great friends and memories. Active in sports and socializing. Used to line up outside of the gym in the morning and watch the jocks walk by. Bunch of us girls decided to reverse the rate and stare game the guys would do to us.

Charlette Duke (Alcock) Class of 1983

Would love to attend anniversary but I live in Texas with my husband

Claude Halpin (1955) Class of 2014

A bit of personal history– while at Crescent I had the privilege, with two other class mates, of appearing in a movie on safe driving for teenagers. It was called “Crossroads Ahead” and was shown to students across Alberta for at least 20 years. After graduation from Crescent and went to Mount Royal College for Business Administration, I produced and was the MC of a TV variety show called “Teen Time” at our original TV station in Calgary–every Monday evening at 5:30–it was a great experience. I later left the show to continue my studies at the University of Oregon in Business Administration, and later my graduate work at the University of Toronto in Hospital Administration. Crescent remains in my thoughts to this day. Have a terrific week and thanks again for leading us to this memorable 100th!! -Claude

Deb Paynton (Eamer) Class of 1977

Looking forward to coming back to Crescent. Also to the Drama Reunion same weekend…woohoo

Hung Nguyen (Nguyen) Class of 2000

Y2K – Graduate. My 3 years at Crescent was quiet. Never get into trouble and not very talkative now I make up for it being a business owner of Lotus Vacations specializing in airfare all over the world and tours to Asia. We are on 16 AVE NW 5 minute drive from Crescent. I feel nostalgic every time I drive by it. Will look forward to the 100th year celebration.

Leta Wright (Kemp) Class of 1955

ALOHA from Leta in Honolulu
Have a GREAT TIME this week !
Be thinking about YOU ~ Dancing the night away !
Lets DO Breakfast~ next time You are in Honolulu !
Bye 4 now !

Bernice (Bonnie) Henderson (Henderson) Class of 1960

While perusing “Who’s Registered?”, the name Sylvia Baker -1938, rang a bell.
She must be the gal my mother, Audrey Harbridge, used to mention.
Sylvia would be almost the same age as Crescent!!
I see Sylvia and my mom in a 1939-Sigma Chi Rho picture.
Mom went to Crescent for a bit but isn’t mentioned in her 1938 – The Bugle, but many of my mother’s friends (Fran Donelly , Florence Jenkin, Tom Macfarlane )are there.
Would love to meet up with Sylvia if I happen to get to the 100th.

ISRAEL SWITZER Class of 1946


Jeff Klassen (Sharpe) Class of 1979

I’m coming all the way up from Manzanillo Mexico, where I live to attend. Hopefully I’ll see some old friends from ’78 thru ’80!

Richard ( Rick) Trombinski Class of 1964

Graduated Uof A in Law, practiced 30 years. Married Edna, bought a sailboat and sailed North and South Pacific for 8 years. Retired and doing oil painting, researched and wrote an historical novel, YESHUA; THE REBEL WHO SHOOK THE WORLD, ( Greatest highlights were the years at Cres. Ht HS, Erickson choir operettas and Vancouver trip.
Looking forward to seeing all our friends of that period.

Heather Harris Class of 1970

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Judy Rogers Dundas (Rogers) Class of 1956

I am excited to say that my life-long friend Heather MacEwan and I will be attending. We are so looking forward to this special event.

Karen Pettifer (Pettifer) Class of 1977

I see that Greg and Barb Lomow are attending. I graduated the same year as Barb and I would really like to be in touch. My e-mail is Please contact me. Karen

JIM PEEBLES Class of 1964

Is there anyone who’s still alive that actually remembers me. I attended CHHS from fall of 62 to 1964. My biggest accomplishment was being the CHHS chess champion for awhile. Never graduated though. Not enough credits. I live out here in Victoria B.C. since 1979. Might come to 100th. If anyone knows me or is going , email me at Would love to hear from you. CHEERS JIM

Daryl O’Dowd Class of 1978

Hoping I can make it and that I can encourage other 1978 classmates to attend.

Carole Sabados (Lehnert) Class of 1959

Looking forward to see some familiar faces from my high School Days. See you there

Kenneth Cairns (Cairns) Class of 1958

Unable to attend graduation ceremonies

Helen Johnson (Stevenson) Class of 1962

Looking forward to seeing classmates, especially from the class of ’62. Laurie with the ever changing hair color, science class, cheerleaders, CBR and lots of sports. What great confidence building experiences we had that lasted a lifetime: 2 children, 2 grand children and a 49 yr career ( still working) in various aspects of nursing (ICU, infection control, quality assurance, risk management, risk data analyst and now case management). Fascinating and rewarding! See you soon!

Cynthia Guibord (Peebles) Class of 1976

Really looking forward to the 100th and the Drama Reunion which follows. Hope to see some old friends I’ve lost touch with as well as some who have stayed connected. Going to be a great time! Hope to see you there.

Kenneth Cairns Class of 1958

looking forward to catching-up

Joan (Marie) Lyder (Mullings) Class of 1985

Looking forward to attending. I have been married for 24 years with 3 young adults.
Sounds like it is going to be fun.

Robert (Bob) Walker Walker Class of 1947

Joined the RCAF in 1947 short a couple of grades.Finished my high school in 1948
at Carlton College in Ottawa

Mary Joan Gubitz (Hamilton) Class of 1956

Looking forward to meeting everyone from
the good old 50’s

Laurie Krommendijk (Leonard) Class of 1979

Didn’t have but very few friends at CHHS. My special friend there was Mrs. Pearson, Mrs. Valerie Ann Pearson, the Drama teacher at the time. I had a very special relationship with her, she was like having a mother at school. I guess you could say I was kind of a ‘teacher’s pet’ with her because I was so super-duper shy. She spent the 3 years I was there trying to wrestle me out of my shyness shell, and I still love her for that. We are still friends though we haven’t seen each other since she did the Shakespeare in the Park thing with the Mount Royal Drama Society (or whatever they call it now) about 4 or 5 years ago or so. But she and I occasionally talk on the phone now and then, and still send each other Christmas cards. I did have many friends on the school staff (office, janitorial, etc.) back then, though I think maybe some are now no longer with us.

Dale Sherin (Moore) Class of 1970

Flying in from Merida, Yucatan. Parents and all my siblings attended Crescent from the time it was relocated from the old Balmoral to it”s present locale. Hope to see my old classmates there! I have such fond memories of all the activities and people of those High School years.

Kim Davies Class of 1971

Life really started to kick in for me when I attended Crescent. I loved school so much that I became a committed lifelong learner, traveler and teacher in the Foothills School Division. I’m so looking forward to another reunion and especially this incredible anniversary!

Shirley Daniels (Koziak) Class of 1955

I have very fond memories of my days at CHHS, years that had an impact on my life of success & happiness. After graduating from the Holy Cross Hospital in Calgary in Medical Technology I came to Sacramento in 1959 with Donna Stroh, class of 1955. What was to be a temporary move ended in a permanent one. I look forward to reconnecting with friends, fellow classmates & Beta Alpha Tau sorority sisters. Let`s renew old friendships!
Also, I would like to thank all those who made this 100th year celebration happen.

Brian Gancheff Class of 1967

Looking forward to seeing those from my school years and meeting many others before and after. The organizers have worked tirelessly and I applaud both their energy and dedication!!

Shirley Daniels (Koziak) Class of 1955

Does anyone remember the sock hops during lunch break? That always was so much fun.

Robert Jacobs Class of 1956

Had been planning to attend the 100th Anniversary, but due to health conditions, cannot. So sorry to miss this event. Do wish “Best Wishes” to my classmates and to all who attend the reunion.
Robert Jacobs
17200 W Bell Rd #1544
Surprise AZ 85374

herb spear Class of 1943

I went by the name of ZIP also
Left in 43 to join the RCAF
Came back after the war

David Grant (Grant) Class of 1957

I’m trying to find Ron Moroz class of 1957 or 1958. If anyone finds him, please have him call me at 403 813 9247.

Stan HAY (same) Class of 1954

I moved in to Calgary from a small town and finished High School at CHHS in 1954. What a huge difference from a small town. It will be fun to attend this function and see how things are now. I will be seeing several people that I know from the past.

Dorothy (Dot) Blunden (Grierson) Class of 1956

Following the 2005 World Masters Games in Edmonton , the documentary “The Oldest Basketball Team In The World” was released .
CHHS grads dominated the team … Ron Southern , coach, Marg Southern (Visser) , Darlene Currie, Dot Blunden (Grierson) and Connie Nixon (Horiak) , P.E. teacher.
The documentary has been shown all over the world .

Nora Ward Class of 1960

I;ll be there with bells on… this is a bit intimidating, I am having memory lapses. when once I knew nearly everyone in the school, I feel I hardly know a soul now… I am at and would welcome hearing from anyone in my era.

Linda Bartz (Bartz) Class of 1966

I’m so sorry to miss the 100th celebration! I loved my time at CHHS…scholastics of course, but also cheerleaders, Student Council, May Queen and CBR sorority! Went to U of C (Education and Art History), lived in Toronto and Vancouver now happily working on refirement in Nanaimo. Would love to hear from fellow ’66 grads.

Joan Miles (Kurczaba) Class of 1979

I won’t be attending the reunion this year, unfortunately, but would like to say hi to those who might remember me from back then. Welcome to Jeff Sharpe (I recall that we share a birthday!) who is making a long trek to join the celebration. I’m not on Facebook, but if anyone is inclined to get back in touch: Have a great time, everyone! It was, and is, an awesome high school!

Clarence Poon Class of 1984

Great school , thanks for the great times, still best friends with a few who also graduated from Crescent – sorry I cant be there for the 100th anniversary – currently living in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and loving it !

Ron jeffery Class of Former Staff

My 8 years teaching Social Studies at Crescent starting in 1989 were extremely memorable. I remain good friends to this day with several former students and staff – particularly those with whom I travelled around the world on educational tours. Also still listen to Tegan & Sara and Canadian a Idol star Billy Clippert whom I taught – just a some of the talented grads from Crescent!. Retired from teaching (Western in 2006) but still working with schools and traveling! Currently at Merit Travel at the university of Calgary.

Cecil Leong Class of 1965

1965 was the 50th Anniversary, how time flies. Sorry I missed all the fun but just read about it in Saturday’s paper. Was born in Calgary and have lived here all my life, sorry I don’t log on to facebook.

Laurel Ambrose (Needham) Class of 1978

The years have seasoned our bodies, our identities, and our wisdom, but hold little influence over our youthful spirits – which shine when allowed to come out and play. A big thanks to the Crescent Heights High School Alumni Association, teachers both past and present, and current-day students (and their parents!) for their fantastic volunteer efforts. This was, (as my daughter would say) a “ginormous” planning and organizational effort which gave so many of us a chance to revisit our high school days not only with our own friends, but with new friends spanning across almost an entire century! What a tremendous weekend, thank you so much!

Lori Craig (Craig) Class of 1972

1972 Grad

Bill Murray Class of 1965

For years I’d hoped to visit for the 100th… having been in the 50th grad class. Unfortunately, my wife Ellen was in breast cancer treatment all winter/spring… focus, obviously, was elsewhere. BTW – she’s recovering, catching up for lost time with the grandkids, & looking forward to some R&R travel this Fall & winter.
FYI – We’re in Paris, Ontario. I’ve retired from a career in technology.

Tammy Abrarhamson (Spackman) Class of 1978

Just checked this site and see that CHHS celebrated 100 years in 2015! My grandmother attended in 1921/22 when William Aberhart was the principal and her picture, during my 3 years at CHHS, was on the 3rd floor outside the English room. I have many great memories and attended the 25th reunion. The 40th reunion is next year in 2016 so hope there is a group forming for an event…would be very interesting!!

Tammy Abrahamson (Spackman) Class of 1976

Unfortunately I missed the big reunion but our grad class of ’76 should be having a 40 year reunion next year. If this is being put together, please let me know. It would be great to catch up!

Albert Rosati (Rosati) Class of 1977

Enjoyed my time at CHHS and still live in Calgary and work with a major accounting firm downtown. Would be great to see some friends from my high school days and wondering if there are any reunions coming up. I may be contacted at

John Rae Class of 1965

Just dropped by to say hi, Living in Kelowna, semi-retired after 45 years in the automotive business (pioneered the first full service Ford of Canada Dealership in April 1981in Canmore). Was at the 75th but not sure about the 100th, we’ll see. Anyone can contact me at It would be nice to chat with anyone able and interested. Life is good!! Married to Judy, 42 years, 2 girls both single still and obviously no grand babies yet…..damn 🙂

Unknown Unknown (Unknown) Class of 1975

My name is Lance Morrow and I am searching for my older brother . Sadly I don’t have a lot of information . He was born in Calgary in March 1957 and given up for adoption at birth . His mothers maiden name was Constance Margaret Ethier . I believe his first name at birth was Laurence and he was described as having brown hair , brown eyes with a medium complexion . The adoptive mother and farther were both 31 years old with a 7 month old son . She was Scottish with a nursing aide diploma and he was Scottish / Welsh and was a construction foremen . Please pass on the info some one might know some thing . I can be reached at thanks

Christine (( chester)) Davies (Morton) Class of 1980

what a blast , graduated the year if the teachers strike …almost never happened 🙂 want to say big hello to everyone from “back in the day”” , widowed 4yrs. .. but glad to be back in Calgary …. GO COWBOYS GO

Jill Levere (Moore) Class of 1967

So sorry to have missed the 100th year celebration. My parents, my uncles, my siblings and my husband all attended Crescent Heights spanning the years from the 1930s to 1980. Many happy and fond memories as a participant in sports, student council, and as a cheerleader during my time there. And unforgettable as the place I met my husband to whom I have been married happily for over 40 years. Love the cheerleading songs recorded by Brock and Murray and remember ours well. A wonderful school with a proud and long history. Congrats on a great celebration!

Bonita Hudson (Neufeld) Class of 1977

Still in Rosebud however I volunteer with the Museum. Be sure to look me up if you come for a play at the Rosebud Theatre.

Paul Betts (Betts) Class of 1976

It’s real but barely after all these years. Why can’t it all happen all over again.

Dave Downs Class of 1964

Ahhh! My old malmata, she lives on!

May Mann (Craik) Class of 1938

Actually this is posted by her son – Lorne Mann

Sandra Wosk (Tschritter) Class of 1969

Never graduated, but loved the drama department… Finally graduated at age 40 .. many good times at this school. Traveled the world, lived in Europe, the USA and of course back home in Calgary.. Currently residing on Vancouver Island.. Would love to hear from those that might remember me..

Brent Post Class of 1993

Living in Ottawa now, and for the past 17 years, but missing the West and the Rocky Mountains!

Don Cheseman Class of 1957

I have fond memories of Crescent. being in Mr. Steel, Mr. hall’s and Miss Guiles class.

I remember going to the A & W just North of the school in the 1957 on my baby blue 1938 Royal Enfield motorcycle. I now live in Whitehorse and saw in the A&W history (much to my surprise ) a photo of that A&W with me and some of the CHHS gang in the photo.

Safia Hamir Class of 2011

As a graduate of Crescent Heights, I still keep in contact with two of my teachers and the principal of that time. I pursued my dream of becoming a teacher and now I graduate with a B.Ed with a minor in humanities from Mount Royal University. My goals were achieved all because I had amazing support from my teachers and the amazing friends I made along the way. I would love to send my children here and hopefully they send their children here as well. #CHHSforlife #CowboysForever